Arrangement “Le destin Romanitique”

A unique experience on the canal

This package contains the use of the renovated rowing boat that was used in the past on the waters surrounding the chateau de Versailles.

You can sail in the direction of Bruges and take a break at one of the nice mooring places along the canal. The ideal spot to enjoy each other in a beautiful and romantic context.

On board of the “Petit Destin » (no stress, the boat is 4 meters and very stable and as she is equipped with an elector engine you only need to row as long you enjoy…) you can see the beautiful environment sliding by.

We prepare a luxe picknick with drinks, wine (red, white or sparkling) and fresh prepared seasonal lunch. Everything carried on board in a luxury wicker basket.

You can sail the boat without any experience or licences, but of course we will be ready to give you some instructions and a lifejacket to ensure a safe trip.

Price for 2 persons: €275 including 1 night stay or €455 for 2 nights


Arrangement “Le destin culinaire”

A gastronomic discovering

We offer the possibility to discover a young gastronomic talent in the restaurant Le Kok Sur Mer

This charming gastronomic restaurant es run by a young couple Nele and Jean-Philippe. The restaurant is a hidden pearl in the region. They have has served in in the restaurant of the famous Bcook Wout Bru and also in well know restaurants Le Savarin and de Karmeliet. and With this experience they created his own creative and surprizing gastronomic style.

The intimate and cosy atmosphere and the excellent spontaneous service turn a diner at ‘Le Kok Sur Mer’ into an unforgettable experience

The arrangement "Le Destin Culinaire" contains:

  • Culinar 4 dishes menu BIB GOURMAND

  • Luxury wine arrangement

  • Shuttle service from our ship to the restaurant (return with taxi is not included)

Price for 2 persons: €335 including 1 night or  €515 with 2 nights on the ship


Both arrangements can be combined or are possible with more people.
Please contact us for more information.